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Foundation contributions can be applied for by:

  • I. founders of patient registers
  • II. MS centres
  • III. individual patients and their family members

Decisions on allocation of contributions are always made by the evaluation committee, composed of the representatives of the Board of Trustees and expert consultants.

Rules on provision of contributions by the Jakub Voráček Foundation:
Download rules


We ask applicants for contributions to always complete and sign the Application form below and to send it by the relevant date to the following address:

Jakub Voráček Foundation 581

273 01 Kamenné Žehrovice 


If you need to consult your application in advance, please write to info@nadacejakubavoracka.cz.

Thank you.

Application for individual applicants:
Download application

Application for organizations:
Download application


The Foundation of Jakub Voráček in the Czech Republic provides support focused on three areas:


Support of research and development of a register of patients with multiplesclerosis


Support of activities and development of MS centres in the Czech Republic


Support of individual patients with multiple sclerosis in difficult situations

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