Real Top Prague is among those who regularly support the Foundation’s activities. Thank you very much for the wonderful CZK 20,000 from the Motorlet event, which we will be happy to convey in Jaromír Bosák’s words:
After two Saturday matches, the body somewhat protested on Sunday when it was to leave the bed. But there was no other way, as Real Top Prague was to play a double dose of matches even on the seventh day of the week. At first, a part of the cadre met after noon in Jinonice – at Motorlet. The traditional Prague club celebrated 105 years of existence, and the programme included a match in a small pitch against the local players, reinforced by the attacker Kohák. The Real Top Prague jersey was dressed by Herco, Rajnoch, Diviš, Šimurka, Šírl, Záruba, Noha, Děkan, Smita, Hampl, Hrdlička, Nouzák, as well as by my body. Goals were shot in rapid succession, but the 8:4 score for Real speaks clearly. Mr Hampl scored three times, and one goal was added by his colleagues Diviš, Záruba, Nouzák, Hrdlička and “local” Rajnoch. More importantly, the Jakub Voráček Foundation was financially supported. Everything okay from my point of view ...

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