Work with us

Anyone is welcome who is interested in multiple sclerosis and would like to work with us.

No matter if you are an individual or a large company.

Everyone can help:


Individual donors

Thanks to your financial support, our foundation can better accomplish its mission.

You can choose between a one-time donation and regular contributions. For example, you can contribute an amount to the foundation’s account every month:0272036015/0300

Donors can request documentation showing the amount; if you give us your information needed to prepare the document and credit an amount to the foundation’s account, we will be happy to issue the document.

Company donors

Our purpose in the area of company donations is to establish a dialogue and seek a journey towards targeted support. Upon receipt of a company donation, we do not become its owner but rather an administrator, and we guarantee the donor good and proper use of their donation.

We are ready to discuss with you possible forms of your support. Please contact us at:


Would you like to take part in events organized by the foundation and to help develop our activities through financial support or by providing your services free of charge? If you would like to become a member of the foundation partners’ family and cooperate with us in our events, kindly contact us at:


Are you going to organize an interesting event and would like to donate the proceeds to the account of the Jakub Voráček Foundation? Are you interested in organizing a donation event for the benefit of the foundation?

Be sure to contact us! We will gladly discuss this with you.


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