Press release                                                                                  Sanatoria Klimkovice, 5 June

Jakub Voráček competed with patients at Sanatoria Klimkovice.

It was for the third time that ice hockey player Jakub Voráček and his sister Petra Klausová invited members of the eReS Team of the Czech Republic to an informal meeting, this time at Sanatoria Klimkovice. Disciplines inspired by rehabilitation exercises for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) were prepared for them at the Sanatoria Klimkovice complex, where these exercises, among other things, are provided. Jakub set the record for each of the skills, and the other competitors’ task was to overcome him during the afternoon and become the record holder in the discipline. With the exception of one discipline, Jakub was overcome in all.

MUDr. Tomáš Bauko, Senior Doctor of Sanatoria Klimkovice, and Mgr. Romana Holanová, Head of Rehabilitation, prepared a lecture on complex rehabilitation of patients with MS at Sanatoria Klimkovice for the members of the team, which groups not only patients with MS, their relatives, friends and professional public, but also everyone who wants to improve the quality of life of patients with MS. The pleasant afternoon, hosted by Monika Leová and Andrea Košťálová for the members of the eReS Team, ended with an acoustic performance of the singer-songwriter Mirka Miškechová. The event was attended by the HC Vitkovice Ridera players Rostislav Olesz, Roman Sturz, Jakub Lev and Ondřej Roman, who also supported the eReS Team by becoming its members.

However, the meeting primarily provided space to establish personal contacts and to have an informal talk about everything related to multiple sclerosis. “We communicate with the team members during the year by email and online, and we send them eReS Newsletter, but nothing can replace personal meetings and talks. That’s why we organize eReS Café during the year in the individual regions, and we are happy if we can meet member No. 93 – Jakub – once a year,” says Petra Klausová, one of the founders of team, adding: “We have been cooperating with Sanatoria Klimkovice for a long time, and we know that their rehabilitation care for patients with MS is at a very high level. The Foundation even contributes to premium care packages that are not covered by insurance companies. We have great feedback from patients who have used them.”

In addition, Petra Klausová, Director of the Jakub Voráček Foundation and the eReS Team of the Czech Republic, officially received a puck symbolizing USD 88,000 from her brother Jakub at the event, i.e. the money that Jakub brought for the record number of points gained in the NHL season. In September 2015, when the Foundation was launched by Jakub and Petra, who was diagnosed with MS, Jakub made a commitment to donate to the Foundation USD 1,000 for each of his points. “Last year, at the eReS Team meeting, I promised the patients that I would get more points this year, so I’m happy I fulfilled the promise,” Jakub laughs. “I’m glad that I could give the money for patients to Petra at the meeting of the team, which has an important role in the work of the Foundation, and I’m glad that finally I could personally visit Klimkovice. On 23 June, there’s going to be the traditional Hockey Guys for Lucky Pucky football tournament 2018 in Mikulov, where people can have fun and help us get more money for patients with MS. We have great players confirmed for this year, and there will also be team autograph sessions and skill disciplines for both children and adults,” he adds.



The eReS Team of the Czech Republic is an organization to support patients with multiple sclerosis (MS).

With the Jakub Voráček Foundation as one of its founders, it was introduced to the general public in May 2016.

The members of the team are patients with MS, their relatives, friends, professional public and everyone interested in MS. The eReS Team of the Czech Republic currently has more than 1,300 members. In May 2017, the www.erestymcr.cz site was launched, which, besides comprehensive information about MS, offers space for discussion forums, expert counselling and the Helping Hand – an advertising section where everyone can offer any help to patients with MS free of charge and where patients themselves can ask for help. The eReS Newsletter quarterly is available for download for the general public.

In spring 2017, a long-term project, eReS Café, was launched, focusing on informal meetings of members with experts in different regions of the Czech Republic over a cup of coffee.


The Jakub Voráček Foundation’s financial support that helps improve the quality of life of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) is very important, although mere financial support is not everything that people diagnosed with MS need.

The Jakub Voráček Foundation was founded in 2015 by two siblings – Jakub Voráček, an NHL player representing the Philadelphia Flyers team, and his sister Petra Klausová, who was diagnosed with this disease. For a while, they were looking for a way to become involved and to help patients for whom the care system is not set up well, and finally they adopted the idea of ​​establishing a “family foundation” to guarantee the way of using both family and public funds.

In September 2015, they jointly presented the Foundation to the public, and from 2016 to April 2018, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees distributed CZK 5,721,052 to help patients and to finance projects supporting patients. The Board of Trustees meets quarterly to assess individual requests, using also consultation with experts. Where specifically the money helps, i.e. an overview of the quarterly allocated contributions, can be found at http://www.nadacejakubavoracka.cz/en/komu-jsme-pomohli/.


Sanatoria Klimkovice is one of the top rehabilitation facilities in the Czech Republic specializing in neurological diseases, including multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis patients account for up to 10 per cent of the clients of the spa, which also focuses on children with this serious disease. Intense neurorehabilitation includes modern, world-proven procedures involving sophisticated rehabilitation devices, including robotic instruments and, based on their individual needs, patients are helped by physiotherapists, ergotherapists, psychologists, special speech therapists and doctors. Completely unique is not only the complexity of the care provided, but also the combination with the natural healing source, which is iodine-bromine brine from the underground tertiary sea. With regard to patients with multiple sclerosis who need active movement for their treatment and fitness, it is also ideal that the spa is located on the Hýlov hill, in a beautiful natural setting with a forest park that offers walking trails of varying intensity. The trails are equipped with natural exercise elements adapted also for wheelchair users. Sanatoria Klimkovice works with the MS Centre of the University Hospital in Ostrava and patient organizations such as the eReS Team of the Czech Republic and Roska to further develop the offered rehabilitation programmes and other activities.

For more information, contact tereza.typoltova@nadacejakubavoracka.cz, phone: +420 777 165 975.

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